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Cycle of Gratitude

Our efforts have continuously been supported by other businesses who believe in the mission and/or share our vision. For these gifts, we have immense gratitude. Thank you for your inspirations, free consultations, huge discounts, partnerships, collaborations, and support.

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The Moon Room Studio is committed to giving back. We donate a portion of our proceeds and volunteer our time to causes we are passionate about. For our workshops, we offer partial and full scholarships to people of colour and primary students.

















If you would like to support The Moon Room Studio with art supplies, please contact me directly. Recently we gratefully accepted beautiful book papers, fabric, clay, tons of glazes, and a table top kiln from an art fairy Godmother in the mountains of NC.


If you don't have art supplies but would still like to donate products, here is our wishlist.

If you'd like to make a financial contribution, we will gratefully accept via 

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