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Ritual is to the internal sciences what experiment is to the external sciences.

                                        — Timothy Leary.


Ritual & Ceremonial Services

Rituals, by definition are a series of actions designed to achieve a desired outcome. Just the act of performing one can shift your perception of the situation, therefore creating perhaps a different outcome, had the ritual not been performed. These rituals are most often performed once for a particular intention like attracting a new job or breaking an old habit. Rituals can be performed solo or within a group and are most often private, without an audience or witness. 


Sometimes people partake in specific rituals (ceremonies) to commemorate special occasions like marriage or the birth of children. These ceremonies can be performed solo or in a group and are most often witnessed by another group of people. 

We offer both rituals and ceremonies. Both are available digitally and can be emailed to you with detailed, step-by-step instructions including a supply list. Both rituals and ceremonies can be crafted around a variety of budgets and are designed for you to do on your own at your own time and leisure. Ritual kits are also available (for an additional cost) and will contain the supplies suggested for the ritual. Blessings and incantations are also available and included in some packages.

Below are our eight most popular rituals and our four most popular ceremonies.



Rituals based on the current or upcoming season.




Rituals to manifest abundance.



Full & New Moon Rituals

Rituals based on moon placement and the astrological sign it is in.




Rituals to venerate or call upon your ancestors.



Love (Self) Rituals

Rituals to manifest love.



& Anniversary

Rituals or ceremonies to celebrate special occasions.




Rituals to manifest a particular outcome.


Bespoke Ritual

Face Editor_pjdrvT.png


Rituals to release a particular energy.


Reading Aloud in Classroom

Coming of Age

A ceremony to recognize a turning point (maiden, mother, & crone) in a woman's life. 

Starts at $111.10

Wedding Ceremony Stage

or Handfasting

A ceremony to celebrate the joining of families.

Starts at $111.10

Gay Couple with their Son

New Child 

A ceremony to welcome and celebrate a new member of your family.

Starts at $111.10

Man Fishing

Life Event

A ceremony to celebrate a new life event.

Starts at $111.10

Point Blur_Jan212019_174527-01.jpeg

Bespoke Rituals
or Ceremonies

Custom made for you and your intention.

Starts at $55.50


Bespoke Kits

All physical components needed to perform the ritual or ceremony.

Starts at $33.30

For more information or to purchase a ritual or ceremony please email In the subject line, type the name of the ritual or ceremony.


If you don't see a ritual or ceremony that fits your situation or you desire a ritual or ceremony for a more personal reason, the Bespoke ritual may be the option for you. The Bespoke ritual is a ritual (or ceremony) tailor made for you and whatever you wish to bring into (or release from) your life. 

A materials list with detailed instructions, timeline and homework will be emailed to you after purchase. Bespoke rituals and ceremonies include:

  1. 30 min zoom consultation

  2. 1 detailed ritual with materials list

  3. 1 incantation

To apply for a Bespoke ritual, please submit the form below. You will be contacted within 3 days after receiving your submission. 




Bespoke ritual kits are available for an additional price. Kits include:

  1. All supplies necessary to do the ritual

  2. Tea light candle

  3. Cleansing herb, incense or resin

  4. A healing crystal 

  5. An art project (with supplies) to further enhance the ritual

* Please note: We do not design rituals or create incantations to 'bring back' the love of someone you lost or to bring in the love of a specific someone you want to be with. 

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