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Jaymii (she/her/siya)

A settler on the land of the Eastern Band of Cherokee peoples, also known as Asheville, NC. She also shelters  in Daytona Beach, FL, on the the land of the Miccosukee, Seminole, and Timucua peoples.

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As a native-born Filipina, Jaymii started her life in an art-rich culture steeped deep in ritual, ancestral knowledge, & an appreciation for a natural way of living.


For nearly 30 years, she has studied herbs (and their medicinal/magical uses) under the tutelage of master herbalists and indigenous shamans from all across the globe.


Jaymii is a certified Reiki Master, energy healer, an intuitive reader, and is currently immersed in studying the healing arts of her own indigenous ancestors.


Jaymii has coalesced her love of plants and Spirit with her 30+ year art career. She is the founder of The Moon Room Studio

and creates tools for ritual, self-care, and manifestation. She is

an artist, a healer, a teacher; animal & plant lover, paper addict, Soulful Seeker, grower of herbs, and maker of magical things. 

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