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Wild Garden Love

I'm really a fall/winter person which is one of the reasons I love living in the mountains of Western NC.  Though in the last few years, spring has brought a new found sense of awareness and love for my garden. Once upon a time, we planted veggies and some culinary herbs but that was years ago. Soon after my housemate moved out, I discovered I'm not really a great solo gardener as I tend to lack the time and motivation it takes to cultivate those well maintained and manicured gardens you see about town. When I talk about my garden, I always giggle a bit when I say "garden" because mine is a wild garden; somewhat organized, lush (slightly overgrown) and brimming with possibility.


In 2017,  I was blessed with a few wilds growing naturally in my yard. I became fully immersed in the benefits of purple dead nettle, both broadleaf and buckhorn plantain and dandelion. I brewed teas, tinctures, salves, oxymels. and made shortbread. This spring, I discovered I have 56 wild growing medicinal herbs/plants growing in my yard. Having been here for 6 years with the last tenants before me having been here for 10 years, I can accurately say no pesticides have been used on this land for at least the last 16 years and I am so grateful I can work with these natural medicinals in making my favourite butters, elixirs, syrups and salves.


There's so many laws governing herbal body products, it's doubtful I will ever create a full fledged herbal business. My eyes tend to roll when people talk about how you can't say your product is organic (even though it is) or how you can't proclaim something works (even though it does). So for now, I will continue to gift my creations to my friends and as always, gratefully accept donations.


Here's a sample of what's steeping, brewing and happening in my studio apothecary.

If you'd like to try something, kindly download and sign this purchasing waiver. Once you download it, open it and click in the first field where it says "First & Last Name", highlight the existing text and then type in your name. Read through the document and then sign it by clicking in each field, highlighting the existing text and typing in your new text.  Be sure to save it with a new name and email it back to me at


Medicinal & Sweet Syrups

Salves & Butters


Flower Essences

& Elixirs

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