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Sacred Waters Retreat
Dover, Tennessee     May 27 - May 29, 2022

Workshop: Herbal Eco Dye 

Description: A fun and hands-on workshop where we will eco dye paper and fabric using herbs and plant material as well as a few simple food items and water. 

Please bring a white or unbleached clothing item such as a scarf, wrap, t-shirt, etc. This item must be of natural material (cotton, wool, flax, linen, bamboo). You can also bring up to a yard of fabric. Please make sure this item is clean and has not been treated with fabric softener as that will prevent the dye from adhering properly.

Due to the nature of eco-dyeing, every dye batch turns out different but here are a few examples of the colours and designs you can achieve with the food dyes we will be using. 


Eco dyed with pokeweed berries


Eco dyed with herbs and plant materials.


Top Row - Greens; dyed with black beans and a mordant


Bottom Row - Blues; dyed with black beans, no mordant


Top Row - Dyed with black tea


Bottom Row - Dyed with coffee


Cotton muslin bags dyed with black beans.

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