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May 28 - 30, 2021

Dover, Tennessee


Workshop: Creating a Manifestation Journal

Description: A fun and hands-on 2 part workshop where we will eco dye paper using a few simple food items and water. In the 2nd part of this workshop, we will put those dyed papers to good use and create a manifestation journal from just 3 envelopes!


Sacred Waters Retreat, L.L.C is a professional organization designed to hold space for women of color in safe places for ritual, healing & restoration!

Sacred Waters Retreats allows participants to share and explore the ancient healing traditions of our fore-mothers as we remember, resurrect & honor their legacies. Our communities require that age old traditions be retained & practiced keeping our families healthy and balanced. Women are WATER, they are SOURCE, they are LIFE!

We do this by Honoring Our Ancestors at various locations around the world. 

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